ResQMe 2in1 emergency tool





rescue tool, safety tool, rescue hammer, emergency hammer, belt breaker, belt knife


Special feature

  • can save lives
A gift for a life

Anyone who travels a lot on European roads knows the situations on the motorways. 


One traffic jam follows the next, trucks stand next to trucks, schedules are hardly adhered to and an end is not in sight, on the contrary. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, freight traffic will increase by 38% and passenger traffic by 13% by 2030. Take care of it!


ResQMeTM is your 2in1 keychain rescue tool that can cut the seatbelt and smash the side and rear windows in an emergency or car accident. This universal tool can save lives, is TÜV tested and can be detached from the keychain in seconds thanks to its quick-release fastener. High-quality materials, in conjunction with an outstanding quality standard, lead to deployment with public security authorities, police and fire brigade units and other rescue units worldwide. The patented ResQMeTM security tool is reusable and the ideal gift for life. Because it also shows the recipient how important he is to the presenter and thanks to the personalisation, in tampon or digital printing, he always has this well in his memory. 


ResQMeTM - the keychain rescue tool - is the ideal promotional item and is also recommended by leading automobile clubs.